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Safuu Racing back in the points on Knockhill debut

Safuu Racing went north of the border for the first time, as one of the most iconic tracks was in the spotlight, Knockhill! Scotland gives a chance for an entirely different fan base as well as some of the diehard regulars to come together in unison for one of the most eagerly anticipated race meetings on the calendar.

Knockhill is like no other! Stunning views, greenery worthy of a Lord of the Rings film and a track layout that challenges the drivers at every turn. The lap is relatively short, around 50-55 seconds and Duffers Dip has been known to not only get you up on two wheels, but it surely has every mechanic up and down paddock covering their eyes!


After a wet start to the day, thankfully the weather dried out for Quali, making it a little more straight forward for the team. Nic unfortunately was having persistent issues with his brakes. It has been well publicised about Nic’s new servo brake system, so Saturday ended up being a test day for his side of the garage. Aron however was once again left frustrated with a disjointed qualifying session, as a puncture and a red flag hindered his session. Nic finished in P29 and Aron in P21.

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

”A really scary day I would say. We’ve been struggling on the brakes all the way through today and we didn’t really know what the problem was. So in qualifying we had brakes that were really under performing so I didn’t really have a lot of confidence. So I just have to get my head down tomorrow and hopefully drive forward. The car feels really good here but it doesn’t matter having a good car if you have no brakes. That was our situation and hopefully we can improve in the races tomorrow.”

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

”Qualifying was a very scrappy session. I think the red flags and a puncture as well kind of ruined my running. I think today has been positive, top of the time sheet in FP1 and relatively competitive in FP2 on old tyres is good. So I thought we’d be in that bubble of 10 to 15 but it just didn’t materialize.”

Race Day

29 cars flying into the first corner at Knockhill Race Circuit has got to be the most exciting part of the season for a BTCC fan! I challenge you to find another. The silence in the paddock is deafening, that is the sound of everyone holding their breath. Aron and Nic have had much worse days this season, as they both battled forward in Race 1 and 2. Aron first of all went forward and ended up a whisker away from points with a fantastic P16, Nic was still getting to grips with the car round this track and stayed steady finishing in P24.

Aron then built upon his solid foundation and held P16 in Race 2. His Race Day was not without issues though as hybrid problems and a hinderance with overheating perhaps cost him valuable time. Nic again finished in P24 for Race 2.

The last throw of the dice aka Race 3 resulted in Aron’s persistence being rewarded with a points finish. P14 was deserved and if the touring car gods were smiling down on us we could have pushed for top 10. Nic unfortunately finished his Scotland adventure with a DNF.

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“Race Day at Knockhill. Steady progress throughout the 3 races. ‘To get into those points and P14 at the end of race 3 is probably as good as I could’ve hoped for today. We were running P12 at one point but at the same time we just probably didn’t have the pace to crack the top 10. But I leave here feeling like we made progress on my Saturday car set up, we didn’t show it in qualifying with the damper failing but we showed it in free practice with being the quickest.”

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“Not the greatest of weekends after two brake failures across the weekend. We are struggling with this brake servo at the moment, of course it really helps with the amount of pressure I need to produce but then it snatches front tyres towards the end of the braking phase which locks up the fronts. That then pushes me past the apex and the car then generates a lot of understeer and to be honest we are struggling to understand what we need to do to rectify the issue. It is what it is but it’s definitely a weekend that I want to forget, move on and look ahead to Snetterton where the car should be very solid as it was during the mid-season test.”

Snetterton is next for the Safuu Racing duo as we go from one of the shortest tracks to one of the longest! See you in two weeks!

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