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Safuu Racing Hit the Top 10 at Oulton Park

The fan favourite track, Oulton Park, is always highly anticipated and this year those wily foxes within the BTCC hierarchy managed to position this race weekend directly after Thruxton and the two tracks couldn’t be more different. The wide, motorway like, track of Thruxton is all about speed and then you have Oulton, known for being narrow, hilly and technical. Qualifying as always was vitally important but perhaps even more so at a track that is hard to overtake on.

Saturday Woes

We have had better Qualifying days in our short time as a racing team, Oulton Park threatened to be a frustrating weekend after a difficult Saturday. The sun was shining and the practice sessions seem to be fly by and soon enough it was time for Aron and Nic to put their cars to the test against the clock. Securing a solid position for Race 1 is super important at Oulton due to the uphill battle you will face in making your way through the field. Unfortunately, it was one of those hard days at the office for our drivers.

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“A very difficult day, I think we all came here excited and expecting more than we have achieved today in qualifying. We seem to be struggling with the weight of the hybrid system in the car and how that is affecting the shift of balance. There is a lot of head scratching, a lot of things that need to be revisited that may not have been in our channels of thought before we came here. It’s disappointing to see the cars where they are at the moment, and it is gutting for the team because we want to be at the front, but we are just missing something right now.

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“I was only two tenths off Aron today who is in the same car as me, which was good, but I feel like I could have been a lot closer if I had hooked it all up. I then ended up over driving a bit which upsets me, there is so much potential in this car and I just want to show that to everyone. The team have done a great job as always; the car was reliable again so thank you to them for that. The car has proven to be better on race pace so I’m confident we can be in the fight tomorrow and have some close battles out on track.”

Oulton Park Race Day leaves its mark

The Oulton Park madness is usually associated with its off track attractions. The large camp site situated next to the track, a band playing both nights and fans flock from all corners of the UK as the weather usually can be guaranteed in June. However, this year it was the on track action that provided all the entertainment you could ask for. The racing was closer than ever at a particularly tight track. Murmurings of ‘bumper cars’ and ‘dodgems’ could be heard up and down the paddock from fans and team members alike.

Race 1 saw our team make up fourteen places combined and with cars seemingly hitting walls and each other with so much regularity it was remarkable that our duo stayed out of trouble. Aron cut through the pack ending with a fantastic P16 just behind teammate Bobby Thompson. Usually finishing frustratingly outside the points would be a negative, but considering how Aron was feeling after Qualifying, the team and Aron himself were feeling pretty satisfied with their work. Nic also made solid progress, finishing in P22, pipping Dexter Paterson over the line on the final straight.

The second race was more of the same when it comes to the action. Plenty of cars rubbing, damaged bodywork and gasps from every garage along the pit lane. Aron secured another points finish as he finished in P15, Nic unfortunately dropped a little to P27 as a rare stall on the line hindered his progress. The third and final race stole the headlines for many reasons. The race had to be halted for a period of time due to a severe accident involving Dan Lloyd and Colin Turkington. The safety car was out and the main surprise of the weekend was why it wasn’t red flagged. It was incredible that most of the other cars and drivers managed to avoid the carnage. Once the dust had settled, it was time for Aron to get his head down and plough through the field securing the first Top 10 finish of the season and Safuu Racing’s first ever Top 10. With a number of cars and drivers struggling to stay in the race, Nic managed to secure his second P22 of the day and Race 3 at Oulton Park really did have a ‘last chance saloon’ feel to it.

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“After qualifying yesterday, the team put on an unbelievable show to transform the car. I think it’s no small effort to get into the top 10 in this series and after having our worst qualifying to date to then having our best result to date is testament to what has gone on. To say I am proud of what they have achieved is an understatement. Whilst it’s a great result for me I’m more concerned about delivering good results for my team and knowing they will be going home with a good result under their belts makes me really happy.”

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“A pretty positive weekend in terms of development progress and overall pace. We still have a few bits to fine tune with regards to my servo brake to keep me a bit more consistent through the races and in qualifying, but this is quite an easy fix, so I am looking forward to that. Now it’s all about using the pace I have found to take advantage, make the right decisions, moves and be a bit more clinical with my racing. I fell like I am relearning that aspect of racing again but honestly Nic 2.0 is 100% in full effect, and I will keep on developing and continue to build towards some good results from now until the end of the season.”

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