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Safuu Racing is out for Summer!

After a bruising weekend at Croft, Safuu Racing get to recharge their batteries as the scheduled halt in proceedings is upon us. The Summer break has arrived at a good time for the team as Croft proved to be an uphill battle for both our drivers. Aron and Nic both put maximum effort in to flying round this very technical track at high speed and conducted themselves with aplomb, however the BTCC luck did not go our way this weekend.

Saturday Woes

Aron and Nic had a frustrating Saturday for a number of reasons. Aron unfortunately had a few issues with the car in both Free Practice 1 and 2 and that resulted in a tough qualifying session for him. Aron was particularly hindered with the amount of running he had over the entire Saturday and when we caught up with him, he was fairly honest in his assessment:

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“Very tough day for everyone in the team. Before qualifying we had an engine problem in FP1, no fault of the team but that then transpired into a throttle body issue in FP2 and also a fuel cell issue. We did nothing of any value going into qualifying and we just didn’t have the sweet spot on the setup. We are chasing tenths as this series is so competitive and unfortunately, we didn’t have any direction.”

Nic had a mixed day, but was more frustrated with himself rather than the car. The positives have to be taken and Nic’s times had improved by over six tenths from last time out at Croft. Progress has been the order of the day for Nic over the last few rounds, the times and the performances have been getting better and better, however after a sunny Saturday at Croft Nic was left analysing his performance.

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“I don’t want to be too negative about today but I’m pretty disappointed in myself with the number of mistakes I made by overdriving. From last year we are already six tenths faster so that’s a positive to take but I have so much potential in me, but I feel like I am not extracting it enough and just over drove today. I dropped a front left wheel into a ditch, and it broke the lower wishbone which meant I only did one lap in qualifying. I’m just a bit frustrated in myself and when that happens, I go into a bit of a shell so sorry if this all seems a bit negative, but I just know I have so much in me and I am upset and I wasn’t able to extract it.”

Race Day

The beauty about the British Touring Car Championship is that it gives you every chance to fight back. Three races in one day make it possible to battle through to points finishes and even podiums.

Race 1 saw Aron run into some trouble on lap 6 and unfortunately his race ended early. Nic finished the race in P23 and both drivers could have been forgiven that Croft might not work out in their favour. Race 2 was a little more straight forward for the Safuu Racing duo as they both finished the race without too much drama, Aron in P21 and Nic in P22 respectively.

The final race of the day saw some progress for Nic as he finished in P21, staying out of the craziness that the ‘last chance saloon race’ before the Summer break often serves up. Nic managed to put the demons to rest from Saturday and produced some consistent results on race day which means he was a happy driver leaving Croft. Aron failed to finish race 3 with more issues with the car to cap off a race weekend that presented more challenges than it did positives.

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“All in all a really great day on race day at Croft. I managed to turn it around after a below par performance from me on Saturday with a few mistakes but i’m proud to have turned it around with consistent results.
My expectations have completely changed and have risen because I’m driving a lot better than I ever have before and to be able to do that on Sunday was really good. On paper it might not look like much as the finishing results are much the same but our lap times and how close we are to the rest of the field has changed massively and is a huge improvement.”

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“We had component failures in both race 1 and race 3 which took away the opportunity to score points this weekend and my heart goes out to the team as they work incredibly hard to give us the best chance possible but it wasn’t meant to be this weekend. In life it doesn’t always go your way but next up we have the two day tyre test at Snetterton to continue our development. We will be starting the second half of the season with a clean slate so forget everything that has gone wrong in the season to date and we will look to score as many points as we can in the second half of the season to rise up the championship standings and put the Cupra Leon where it belongs.”

Next up as Aron mentioned, we have a 2 day tyre test which allows the drivers to gain valuable time in the car and then we travel north of the border to Knockhill Race Circuit to start the season run-in.

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  1. Well done to Nicolas, Árón and the dedicated Safuu Racing Team. On to the second half of the season and time to really push forward. You have the Safuu community and your followers fully behind every race. Go for it boys…. (and girls!).

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