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Safuu Racing & the Snetterton Heatwave

Snetterton resembled an arid desert, any greenery was now a light brown and there was not a drop of rain in sight. Hot weather warnings were flying in from all mediums and amongst all the hot and bothered fans and mechanics there was some touring car drivers looking to fly round a 3 mile track as quick as possible.

Snetterton is the longest track on the BTCC calendar and our Safuu Racing drivers were looking to battle the heatwave and come away with more points.


Aron Taylor-Smith was looking to put together some solid lap times down on the Saturday for the first time this year. Saturdays have been a frustrating time for Aron thus far and have always been eclipsed by really good progress being made on a race day. It was surely the time for Aron to have a little luck go his way and we could possibly have a more consistent weekend overall. Aron ended up in P16 after an intense Quali session, which resulted in his best Qualifying session of the season. Nic unfortunately was hindered by the brakes again as the new servo system is causing issues with the balance of the car although it is helping Nic physically. Testing continues at each track and it seems that Sunday proves to be a more successful day than the Saturday at this point.

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“It’s nice to show so much potential. It’s no secret that FP1 & 2 were hard as we didn’t get out due to an oil leak which was frustrating. We only really did half of FP2 so that put us on the back foot right away so to come away with our best qualifying session to date shows that what we have brought into the team has really helped me, particularly. Qualifying has always been our achilles heel so now I feel like we have a car we can work with to make solid progress through the field on race day and get towards the front pack by the end of the day tomorrow.”

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“Disappointing qualifying today where we’re trying to sort the brakes out. I know that every race so far this year we’ve been talking about brakes, brakes, brakes but you know it’s the first time we’ve ever run a servo system on a British touring car so there are lots of different characteristic changes that the servo creates. So as we’ve got faster and faster we are asking for more help from the servo but the help that we get from the servo actually affects the car in a negative way. Sometimes it helps me physically, but it affects the car in a negative way sometimes.”

Race Day

Sunday proved to be every bit as hot as the Saturday and with three races to look forward to the drivers were prepared to put everything on the line. Aron flirted with the points all day and then was hit with a problem ahead of Race 3, which left him feeling a little frustrated after such a positive Quali session. P16 and with the opportunity to move forward should of and could of have resulted in points finishes with a shot of a reverse grid come Race 3, however the touring car gods were not looking down on us favourably. Nic was left battling the same issues from Saturday, but managed to finishes in Race 1 and Race 2. Unfortunately Race 3 results in a DNF due to an issue with the car.

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“The weekend showed some of the potential that we have in the Cupra Leon considering it was our best team qualifying of the season and my personal best for a while. The results don’t show the progress that was made, we’ve learnt a lot with some new inputs coming into the team which have enhanced the car. On race day I hoped to achieve more, but at the same time it was difficult to make up a huge amount of ground considering the conditions. Also it was a shame to miss the start of Race 3 with a component failure on our way to the grid.”

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“Race 1 was unfortunate for us, we were trying new brake pads which unfortunately didn’t last the race distance but that’s the whole point of testing. In Race 2 I had a collision with one of my team mates which you never want to happen! Will made a move on me, I tried to avoid him but unfortunately we made contact and suffered some damage. Then we were unable to start Race 3 due to a freak incident where the left front wheel fell off on the way to the grid. So, a weekend to forget! I think we struggled as a team which we need to all work on and improve as we go to Thruxton in 2 weeks’ time.”

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