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Thruxton Part 2 – A challenge for Safuu Racing!

The stunning Cupras made their way back to Thruxton for the scheduled part 2 of the fastest track in the UK. Aron and Nic already knew that their car was capable of points at Thruxton, as Aron managed a valiant P13 in Race 3 of their visit back in May.

The touring car luck had not gone in our favour so far this season, however we had been flirting with consistent points all year so the mood in camp was positive as usual. The BTCC is in its final push, so the drivers were in the mood to make the most of their opportunity to drive in this amazing championship.


Our Saturday woes continued on as Qualifying continues to be a uphill struggle. Aron and the team put together their best Quali position of the year so far at Snetterton, but Thruxton unfortunately didn’t come together for the Irishman. Aron ended up in P26 and Nic too had issues finding time due to the servo brake system that has been the challenge throughout the season thus far. Nic ended the session in P28 ahead of Race day.

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“That was a really tough session as I felt as though I put together a brilliant lap but unfortunately it still wasn’t quick enough. The chassis improved by nearly a second from free practise to qualifying which is a feat to the teamwork but we still need to push the development to get ourselves further up the grid. Yes, it’s not where we want to be but the team are working insanely hard behind the scenes to improve the car”

Race Day

Optimism is always in the air on Race Day, as the Safuu Racing team had always managed to move forward despite some challenging Quali sessions. Race 1 saw Aron and Nic do exactly that, Aron climbed several places and ended with a credible P19 on a track that is notoriously hard to overtake on. Nic too made up two places finishing in P26.

However, that was about as good as it got for our Thruxton sequel. Aron and Nic then ran into trouble in Race 2, Aron unfortunately got a puncture after making early progress, a devastating blow, but something that is not uncommon at Thruxton, even on the hard tyre, Aron finished Race 2 in P25. Nic then suffered with a mis-fire in both Race 2 and Race 3 which resulted in two DNFs, not the best of Sundays for our fan favourite. Aron then bravely battled through to a P18 finish in Race 3 after starting in P25, an amazing result considering the rollercoaster of emotions he had already had to deal with. Thruxton Part 2 was a real challenge, but the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone, awaits for our Safuu Racing pair and as it is the penultimate round of the championship we will of course aim to finish on a high!

Árón Taylor-Smith, #40, said:

“Straight away it had potential to challenge for points and potentially break into the top ten over the course of the three races. My chances took a blow with an unexpected puncture in race two, just as we were on the cuff of points but that is life. We’ve learnt a lot as a team this weekend and now there’s plenty of homework to do ahead of Silverstone. We will bounce back stronger than before in a few weeks as we aim to finish the season on a high!”

Nicolas Hamilton, #28, said:

“We finished race 1 with a result that had us in and amongst the pack, which is a good thing, but we still want more. Unfortunately, we had two DNF’s in races two and three due to engine misfires so it wasn’t the greatest of weekends and I personally feel like I was not as strong as I would have hoped to have been both in raw pace and on race pace. I’m really hard on myself as you know but this is why we do what we do I still love it, and I still have full positivity and strong energy for Silverstone. I love Silverstone, I haven’t been to there since last year and we’ve got a new brake system now that we are still developing and hopefully, we will be closer at the Silverstone weekend.”

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